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The new modularly designed CRAB-ROBOT opens up new ways for the visual inspection of pipelines with diameters ranging from 50 mm to 500 mm

The CRAB-ROBOT is modularly designed and can be retrofitted quickly and without any special tools for the specified tests and inspections. This new system embodies and reflects 20 years of practical experience in the fields of designing, developing and manufacturing video-endoscopic systems and testing them in close cooperation with our customers.

Key features

  • Multi-functional use and easy handling
  • Modularly designed controls due to the modular design, customized and user-specific modifications can be carried out quickly and in a cost-effective way
  • Light-intensive illumination system with powerful white-light LEDs (8000 K color temperature)
  • Rotating side-glance mirrors with continuously variable speed control
  • Exchangeable camera heads with integrated lighting rings
  • Manual or remotely-controlled focusing
  • Negotiation of the smallest pipe bends of 1xd by the system without any problems
  • Minor obstacles, uneven surfaces and changes in the cross section will be automatically adjusted


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