Labino Galaxy

The Labino Overhead Inspection System Galaxy, based on LED technology, is more compact and weighs less than many comparable products on the market today. Each Galaxy unit weighs just 2.2 kilos (4.85 lbs). Galaxy is also compact in size and it is designed for use on specialized benches for contacting FPI and MPI Inspections on metallic parts of all shapes and sizes. The distinct feature of this system is that it is a modular design. A user can expand the covered area by connecting together any number of Galaxy units required, either from the long or the short side. Each Galaxy unit consists of 12 UV LEDs with each LED having an estimated life of 30 000 hours. This bench light is also equipped with a white light LED for after inspection. At full capacity Labino Galaxy generates an intensity greater than 7 000 µW/cm2 at 38 cm and is filtered to emit almost no visible light.


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