Ultrasonic Welding

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A generator is responisible for generating the high frequency energy. Most common frequencies are: 20, 30 and 40 kHz. The electrical energy from the generator is lead to a vibration head with ceramic elements. Electrical energy is transformed here to mechanical energy. The generated mechanical vibration is transduced in the vibration head. On top of this vibration head is placed a sonotrode. The shape of this sonotrode depends on the shape of the product.

The generated energy is transduced to the product at top surface of the sonotrode. The molecules in the product are activated at this point and the combination of this vibration and pressure results in a homogeneous binding. DreNDT Industries can inform you about the conditions of the design.


• Spotlights
• Luminaires
• Cup holders etc.
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• Medicine
• Food

Micro techniques
• Pumps
• Motors
• Solenoids etc.

• Displays
• Housings
• Connectors

Consumer products
• Blinds
• Housing
• Handles

Medical industry
• Hearing aid
• (Medical) syringe
• Akupunktur needles
• Dialyse filters