Ultrasonic Mist Unit

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Super effective desinfection

Ultrasonic techniques can be used for spraying of liquids. Most common application is humidifying of rooms. This method is much more economical as standard spraying or humidifying with steam. Ultrasonic vibrations result in spray drops with a size of approx. 1-3µm. This size makes it possible that they are absorbed in the air. This results in a omni-directional spray effect.

With normal spraying the spray drops are significantly bigger. Due to gravity and size the air will absorb a little part of the fluid. This results in an directional spray effect and not all parts of the room are reached now. The ultrasonic mist unit in combination with special disinfection fluid has proofed to be an impressive weapon against severe bacterial contaminations in hospitals.


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Normal spraying (>10µm);                      Ultrasonic spraying (~ 1µm)
Fluid does not reach all parts                Fluid reaches all parts of the room