Full Automatic Cleaners

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A transport system is required is case the handling determines the product quality and production speed. This often results in multiple tanks where different process stages can be executed simultaneously.
The programmable control makes it possible to change the different transport parameters and sequence of process stages during production.

Process Visualizing

Ease of use are key factors with all our designs. Visualisation is often used in case of more complex processes. Apart of the regular buttons and signal lamps there are several user interfaces possible. The visualisations consist out of text display, graphic display, touchscreen and industrial PC.

Data Logging

It is possible to log and save important data during the cleaning process. At the end of the cleaning process this data is aggregated within a report . This is printed with optional graphics or saved in an open database structure.
We always use international network standards like Profibus, Ethernet and Internet. Therefore, it is possible to use the process data elsewhere in other machines or systems.