Encircling Probes

PRÜFTECHNIK offers encircling coils for full-body eddy current inspection. The coils are available with all types of windings, in several housing sizes, and test piece diameters.

All encircling coils are optionally available with the patented SMART SENSOR chip for storing information on sensor type, size, serial number, and sensing width. The SMART SENSOR chip can be used with the EDDYCHECK 5 series.


Features of the Encircling probes

  • Various sensitivities available
  • With or without absolute channel for longitudinal crack detection
  • Test piece diameters: 0.1–227 mm
    (1/8 – 8 7/8 inches)
  • Special designs available for unusual profiles
  • For encircling eddy current inspection.
  • All types of coil windings are available. They are specized by position z in the order number.
  • Available in 5 housing sizes.
    Coils are available for different test piece diameters. The nominal diameter is specized in the order number by the extension xy.
  • All coils are available for low (<100 kHz) frequency operation (L). Coil size 1 (LAB/EDY 3951) and coil size 2 (LAB/EDY 3952) are also available for high (≥100 kHz) frequency operation (H).
  • When testing ferritic material, use with electromagnetic saturation unit LAB 4100–4700. When testing non ferritic material, use with inspection assembly LAB 361xE.


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