Olympus iPLEX MX II

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Tough environments? The IPLEX MX II is built to deliver every time.

Decades of experience plus quality control At the core of the IPLEX MX II are decades of Olympus endoscope experience and strict quality control. The IPLEX MX II shrugs off tough environmental conditions, letting you inspect with confidence in tight areas where bumps can occur.

Key features

  • Image Quality
    Even the smallest defects can be seen with superb image quality
  • Ease of Use
    The IPLEX MX II provides simple yet accurate operation for every user level


  • Lithium-ion Battery NC2040OL24
    Battery charger CH5000C (USA type)/ CH5000X (European type). The battery provides two hours of operating time.
  • Side View Mirror Adaptor AT50S-IV76X2 
    You can change the direction of view by mounting the side viewing tip adaptor.
  • High Magni؀cation Adaptor MAJ-1566
    Provides approx. 20X higher magnification on the IPLEX MX II monitor by being locked onto the IPLEX MX II. Note: Exclusively for use on IV8630M.
  • Side View Rigid Sleeve MAJ-1730
    (for 4.4 mm) MAJ-1731 (for 6.0 mm) Side view rigid sleeve with prism-style LED illumination enables effective inspection of small gas turbine engines.
  • Rigid Sleeve Sets MAJ-1253
    (for 6.0 mm insertion tube) MAJ-1281 (for 4.4 mm insertion tube) Each set consists of three rigid sleeves of 250 mm, 340 mm and 450 mm lengths.


Download the brochure (pdf file)