Fokker Bondtester Model 90

The latest model in the Fokker Bondtester family is the model 90.In the Fokker Bondtester 90, microprocessor technology and state-of-the-art display technology are combined with the proven characteristics of its predecessors. The Fokker Bondtester 90 is a highly flexible tool used in laboratories as well as in the field without compromise to measuring quality or handling characteristics.

Features of the Fokker Bondtester 90

  • Easy operation through Flexible Menu Control and Smart Knob.
  • Bond tester resonance image is displayed on an electro-luminescence screen
  • Numerical display of A-scale (resonance frequency shift) and B-scale (impedance) values
  • Preprogrammable measurement settings displayed on screen.
  • Data storage of 4000 numerical + 50 graphical inspection results.
  • Automatic calibration on instrument and probe
  • Limit warning indicators on instrument and probe
  • Serial interface for computer control and data transfer
  • Suitable for field operation
  • Portable (battery operated)
  • Probe cable length up to 10 m (33 ft)
  • Limit warning and remote control on probe
  • Wide operational temperature range.

Wide range of applications

The Fokker Bondtester 90 is used for inspection of:

  • Adhesively bonded sheet metal structures
  • Sheet-to-honeycomb bonded metal and composite assemblies
  • Bonds between composite materials: carbon fiber, boron fiber, glass fiber, fiber aluminum laminates (GLARE and ARALL)
  • Delaminations, voids and porosities in composite materials
  • Brazed honeycomb
  • Thickness measurement

Fokker Bondtester Repair & Calibration

DreDNT Industries  provides repair and calibration services for the Fokker Bondtester models 70, 80 and 90.The repairs and calibrations are made in co-operation with Fokker ELMO BV in Hoogerheide, The Netherlands.Please contact us for further details and shipping instructions.