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The SBU serie MPI benches are designed for small en light parts until 1200 mm with a maximal weight of 25 kg.


Features of the SBU series

  • The maximal currents are 3500 Ampère AC Peak and 2800 Ampère HWDC (peak)
  • The SBU excels especially in ease of use and accessibility for inspecting small parts.
  • We deleiver as extra option a ‘’Small Piece Device’’ to clamp very small parts without releasing the heads.
  • This serie is standard deliverd with a 5 windings/300 mm coil.
  • The heads are pneumatic controlled by a heavy duty foot switch which is combined with the current switch.
  • Possibilities like ‘’Current Pre- Selection’’ , Automatic De-magnetization, Digitale display etc., are standard available.
  • A choice from several current and phase types like; AC, Half Wave DC, Full Wave DC and single phase as well as 3 phase are possible.
    Swinging Field and Flux Flow (indirect magnetizing) are optional available.
  • A replaceable reservoir/pump module (inspection fluid) for easy maintenance is standard with the SBU serie.
  • For specific needs, we deliver all Baugh & Weedon banken with customer specifications.