Penetrant Inspection

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) is a widely applied and low-cost inspection method used to locate surface-breaking defects in all non-porous materials (metals, plastics, or ceramics). Proper cleaning is necessary to assure that surface contaminants have been removed and any defects present are clean and dry. DreNDT Industries has all experience and knowledge for cleaning products with Buhral machines. Furthermore, penetrant, developer and cleaner can be environmental pollutants. Precautions should be taken. SPTech has all knowledge of the requirements and methods for an optimal penetrant testing.


  • The color of the penetrant and the developer have a great contrast. The cracks are more noticeable with penetrant testing.
  • The penetrant is pulled out of the tear by the developer and colors the developer over a region that is larger than the original color.
  • Penetrant examination is an inexpensive method and the operator is no expensive, complicated training.


  • Pre-cleaning (with the use of ultrasonic cleaning techniques if necessary)
  • Application of Penetrant
  • Excess Penetrant Removal
  • Application of Developer
  • Inspection
  • Post Cleaning

The penetrant installations are being developed and fabricated by:

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