NDO Apparatuur – MAG-LINK Software

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Technique Manager

DreNDT Industries offers the MAG-LINK software package that provides complete control of a MAGAZON MPI bench.
Techniques are created via the Technique Manager screen, and then stored under the part number. Images can be assigned to each step of the technique, to provide guidance for the operator.

Job Manager

obs are created via the Job Manager screen, and then stored under the current job number. When this is complete, the MAG-Link is opened, which effectively disables the MAGAZON bench console, so passing control to the PC.
The operator uses a 3-button pendant to execute each step, as set out in the technique being used. When the job is finished, a report can be printed at any time, and then the job can be archived for future reference.

MAG-Link supports up to 15 operators, each with their own passwords, and Supervisor, Level II and Level III access is also fully password protected.
MAG-Link will even prompt the operator when a bench is due for calibration.