Industrial Eddy Current Probes – Weldscan

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SPTECH has a broad line of weld scan probes available for both above and underwater applications:


Features of the Weldscan probe

  • Design: Straight, 90 deg inline or right angle
    Stainless steel and ceramic tips on request
  • Diameters: 9.5 mm (small), 16 mm (medium), 32 mm (large)
    With connector or fixed cable upto 50m
  • Frequencies: 100, 200, 100-600 kHz.

Applications for the Weldscan probe

  • Ferrous steel welds (100 kHz)
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminium welds (100-600 kHz)
  • In strip galvanizing, it locates the butt welds linking the sheet metal strips.